Privacy policy Privacy Policy explain how we collect, process, store and use your personal data and protect your privacy when you use our Services and interact with us, such as:

– how we collect information about you;

– how we use information we collect;

– how we control your information;

– how we store and secure your information;

– how your information is shared;

– how we transfer your information to other countries; and

– additional information we think might be useful to you.

By using our Services, you agree that can use such data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

You have choices about the use of personally identifiable information which we hold about you. You can access, update and request the removal of the information we hold about you. If you don’t agree with the Policies, please do not access or use the Services, or interact with us.

What information do we collect about you?

Information you give us. This includes personally identifiable information that you provide to us when you use the Service by directly inputting it or by other means. including, but not limited to: surname, first name, date of birth, year of company founding, company name, address, email address, websites, country of origin, if applicable: industry, technology, Twitter ID, LinkedIn ID, Facebook ID, profile picture, etc.

Our Services change from time to time so the options for the information you provide (as with other information) may change. Also, the personally identifiable information may vary depending on how you interact with the services. For example, it is possible to create an account using an e-mail or by using a social login, and different types of profiles you use to connect with opportunities may have different items to complete.

Here are some examples where you may give us personally identifiable information:

Account and Profile Information – This includes the name, email address and password you provided at the time of registering for the Service. Please note that we do not store the password in plain text (they are encrypted – salted hashes). It also includes information you input into your profile (including, but not limited to: surname, first name, profile picture, date of birth, year of company founding, company name, address, email address, websites, country of origin, if applicable: industry, technology, Twitter ID, LinkedIn ID, Facebook ID, etc.). Any messages you send or receive, any information you provide to us by other means such as e-mail or forms, as well as any data you provide while using the Service;

Information you give us when you receive professional services from us – We collect information from you regarding you and your business, including personal income and tax information, identification information for the purposes of compliance with anti-money laundering regulations, and other information as required to fulfil our obligations to you and third parties. We access and store information comprised in submissions made with our assistance to government agencies and organisations, and communications with those agencies by you on your behalf.

Information you give us through the Service – You can post, send, access and share information through our Services. For example, you can make notes and comments, send a message asking us to provide a professional service, send a message to other user(s), reply to a message you receive in your e-mail, connect with an opportunity, provide us with feedback or upload a file;

Information about Gender, Racial and Ethnic Origin – Some members of our community that offer opportunities to other users, such as accelerator programs or start-up initiatives, want to track their progress towards providing opportunities to a range of genders, races or ethnicities. In order to help them do so, we may ask you for information about your gender, racial or ethnic origin. You are not required to provide this information to us – we will always make it optional and we’ll only provide aggregated statistics related to this data. Please be aware that data about racial and ethnic origin is a special category under Article 9 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (commonly called “GDPR”);

Information you give when you are asking for support or we are providing it. You may choose to give us information about a problem you are having, or ask us how to use the Service and in doing so you may provide us with information by e-mail, through live chat, by voice, through third-party platforms or by other means;

Information you give us so we can collect money from you or send money to you – If you pay us for all or any part of the Service, or if we need to send you money, we may ask you to give us information we require to collect such as bank information, card details, direct debit details, names of people responsible for payment or billing contacts. We do not store payment card details. All payments taken by us are handled by a third party payment processor and whilst our payment pages might look like they are operated by us, they are in fact operated by such payment processor (which we may choose from time to time at our absolute discretion).

Information we get automatically when you use the Services. This is personally identifiable information we receive and that is collected by automated systems involved in delivering the Services or when you take specific actions while using the Services.

Cookies – We and third parties use cookies and other tracking methods to deliver you the Service.

Logs and Analysis – We log data about your use of the Service and your response to any communications from us by email or by means of the Platform in order to provide you with the Services, identify issues and understand usage. We do this by means of technology solutions that we have built ourselves and through technologies provided by third parties;

Information about how you use the Services – We track some aspects related to how you use and interact with Services. For example, we may track the areas of the Service you visit, what you search for, how often you visit us, what devices you use to access the Service, your IP address and location, the URL you enter or exit the Service, data around failures or imperfections that may be triggered when you use the Service and other items.

Information we get about you from others. This is information we receive that you do not directly provide when you use the Service. We get it from other users of the Service, third-party services we use to provide the Services, from information we collect and from our partners and vendors in the following circumstances:

Sign-up and Related Services – If you sign up for the Service, renew your login or request additional services on the Service using your LinkedIn, Facebook, Eventbrite, Twitter, or Google account, you hereby give consent for us to obtain information from those accounts that you approve such as your email address, current employment position, education, profile picture, site traffic and/or location. We also use your IP address to derive an approximate location of where you are using the Service from if none is otherwise provided. The information we get from those services depends on the choices you make in their settings, so please be sure to check those settings before signing up that way. Additionally, some services offer you the choice of what personal data is provided to us and we encourage you to carefully select the information you want to share if that option is available.

Other third-party services you may choose to connect to your account – You can choose to authorise us to access information from your calendar, email or other service accounts. For example, you may do this so we can help you find out how you’re connected to other people and try to relate the items to your deal flow tools or other features. If you authorise us to access that information, we receive items such as e-mail sender, receiver information, the content of your and your calendar appointments until you remove our access. If you don’t specifically choose to authorise access, we don’t get this information. The information we get from these services depends on the settings and permissions you choose, as well as this Privacy Policy that is controlled by the third-party service. We recommend you always check these settings and permissions to understand the information that would be shared with us;

Scouting – We may collect information directly from you, use public record sources or create editorial content about you or your start-up in order to identify opportunities for you or your start-up. For example, we may engage with you verbally, by e-mail or use other sources to get this information. As further examples, we may provide this information to third-parties to help them scout appropriate startups to accept into a start-up program, identify potential partners or other engage with you;

Information submitted by other users of the Service – Other users of the Service may provide information about you when they add information during their use of the Service. As examples, an evaluator for a start-up program you’ve connected with through one of our Services may give you a numeric score and write notes about you, another user may provide your e-mail address to invite you to appear on their start-up profile or another user may connect their e-mail account to the Service and give us information related to your correspondence with them. Some other users may add your startup, information they have about you and other related information to their deal flow tools on the Service and also add their information (such as notes, markets or location) to appear along with the information they or you have given us. The information provided by the other user may result in a communication with you;

Information we get from other partners – We get information about you from third-party partners including those carrying out market research, advertising and lead generation services and who provide us with information about your potential to use our Service and your engagement with us. For example, a third-party may provide us with information because they think you may be be interested in one of our professional services that we may use to contact you.

How we use the personally identifiable information we collect

Our use of the personally identifiable information we collect depends on how you use the Services, as well as the settings and preferences you’ve provided to us.

To provide and personalise the Services – We use information about you to provide you with the Services. This includes logging you in, authenticating you when you login, operating the Services, responding to your use of the Services, maintaining the Services in line with your requests and providing support to you. As examples:

– your name and profile picture is used to identify you when you connect with or contact other users of the Service;

– we use your personally identifiable information to personalise the Services, such as identifying opportunities that match with your skills, location, availability and interests;

– when you connect with other users of the Service, such as a start-up program, and in order for them to evaluate delivering the opportunity you are interested in receiving from them, we provide them with your start-up public information profile, your start-up private information profile, your contact information including e-mail and the profile information for those associated with start-up.

For online and offline matchmaking – including, but not limited to – (between participants and attendees, participants and companies, business and enterprise), based on data entered by the you.

In order to provide an integrated experience, your information is available across the various aspects of the Service. For example, the skills or interests you enter on your personal profile may be used to help a start-up program you connect with understand what you know how to do as well as identify job opportunities that match you. We believe that this allows us to provide you with an enhanced user experience in respect of the Service;

To maintain your profiles – We are a community which is based on real identities and so we use your information so that you and the organisations you are associated with can create and maintain profiles in relation to the Service. A profile will be created for you when you first use the Service and many aspects of the Service require a “Startup” or other entity profile. Each profile has options and tools that allow you to customise it with your personal data such as descriptions, educational history, associations and more. We associate you to organizations with which your profile has links and provide you with an option in each profile interface to immediately hide your profile(s) as well as an option to remove your profile from search indexing;

Providing other users of the Service with information about you – We might also use your personally identifiable information to suggest that others connect or interact with you where we think this might be in your best interests. For example, by connecting you with a user of the Service that is conducting an event in your area, or identifying you as a potential candidate to another user of the Service that is operating a Start-up program or fund;

To help users direct opportunities to other users of the Service – Some users of the Service provide opportunities to start-ups, founders and developers. These users often use the Service’s deal flow management tools. These tools allow them to access, add, share, manage and analyse information related to the organisations and users that use the Service. Access to personally identifiable information in the deal flow management tools is controlled based on permissions that are set by the organisation and/or users within each organisation using the tools;

To improve safety and security of the Services – We use information about you to identify suspicious activity, to investigate potential violations of the Policies and to verify user accounts;

To market, promote and drive engagement with the Services – We use information about your use of the Services, your contact information and other personally identifiable information about you to send you communications that may be of specific interest to you. This type of use has the goal of alerting you when there are events in respect of the Services which we think you’d like to know about, or to provide information, products and services we think you may be interested in. You can control what communications we provide to you in the settings section of the Services, which includes the option to unsubscribe from all communications from us other than core service messages and system functions, such as password reset;

To provide you with support – We use your personally identifiable information to resolve issues you have using the Services and to reply to your requests;

In relation to our legal rights and legitimate business interests – We will use personally identifiable information about you as required by law and when we believe it is necessary to protect our legal rights/interests, the rights/interests of others and in relation to any legal claim, regulatory requirements, audits, disclosures in the event of an acquisition, merger or sale and compliance activities;

When you give us your consent – You can give us your consent to use your personally identifiable information in a way that is or is not covered by this Privacy Policy or any of the other Policies;

To generate research and reports – We write and publish information, articles and content in relation to start-ups, industries, markets and other areas related to our community. This might include information we hold about you that you have provided that is generally visible in the Services (such as name, tag-line and location), information we generate on our own or aggregated anonymised data derived in part from your own personally identifiable information;

For marketing purposes – This means advertising, commercial affiliation, interacting with social media, remarketing and behavioural targeting, interacting with online survey platforms and public relations;

To improve the Services – We use feedback, aggregated data and may use your information as well to make the Services work better, faster, more securely and more in line with user needs.

To communicate with you about the Services – We use information about your use of the Services, your contact information and other personally identifiable information to send you transactional communication that relate to your use of the Services. As examples, we may send you communication by e-mail or other means when you receive a message from another user of the Services. You can control what communications we send to you in the Settings section of the Services, which includes the option to unsubscribe from all communications other than core service messages and system functions like password reset.

Right to withdraw your consent

You have the right to withdraw your consent to use your personally identifiable information for a specific purpose at any time. Removing your consent will not change any processing that has already occurred. If you do withdraw your consent, and if we do not have another legal basis for processing your personally identifiable information, then we will stop processing your personal data. If we do have another legal basis for processing your personally identifiable information, then we may continue to do so subject to your legal rights. If we are processing your personally identifiable information because we or a third-party have a legitimate interest you have the right to remove consent, but this may mean that it is no longer possible for you to use the Services.

How we share information we collect

Sharing and Collaborating with other users in the Services’ community

When you connect with other users of the Services – When you connect with another Service user, you give them permission to see, share, edit, copy and download information you add to the Services. Examples of connections include applying to a start-up program, to meet them during an event, getting a ticket to an event, completing a survey, adding information to our deal flow tools, requesting professional services and more. Some community and collaboration features of the Services show all or some of your profile information when you share or interact with content or other users through the Services. You can provide information that is freely visible to other users, such as the information on your personal profile.

You can control the visibility of your freely visible profile information, including hiding your profile from other users, using tools we provide you in the “Edit Profile” section of your personal profile.

Please note that hiding your profile will mean that your profile will no longer be visible, but your personally identifiable information will still be visible to other Service users you have given the ability to see your personally identifiable information.

Survey Registration Pages – You may be asked to complete a registration or survey by another Service user. For example, if you choose to complete the team registration for an event that you are attending you can provide your team members’ information and technology products you use which will result in your information being shared with the Service user that corresponds to the team registration.

Sharing with third-parties

When we need to comply with applicable laws and requests – When we believe that sharing your personally identifiable information with third-party is required to comply with an applicable law, regulation or request by a government entity, to protect ourselves, our users or others from harm or illegal actions, to respond to an emergency that threatens a person, to fulfil your support requirements and/or to generally protect the security and integrity of the Service.

Our Partners – Partners help us deliver some parts of the Services. For example, they create opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs such us innovation programs, incubation or acceleration programs, hackathons or other events.

Service Providers – We share information with third-parties in order provide, market, improve and support the Services, and these third-party service providers are essential to us in providing you with the Services. This includes service providers that perform services for us such as IT development, data hosting, e-mail delivery, testing, analytics, support infrastructure and other areas. The use of these services requires the relevant third-party to access or use personally identifiable information about you. We monitor these third-party service providers carefully and have policies and procedures in place to maintain the security of your information.

With your consent – We share your information with third-parties when you give us your explicit consent to share it.

With regard to sharing your data with other Service users and third-parties, please note that we will comply with your requests with regard to all future access to your information but your requests will not apply to any existing off-line information held by another Service user. As an example, when you connecting to a start-up program through an application profile or populate your personal profile some other Service users have the ability to access your information through functionality such as a file data download, printing as a paper version, accessing it by API and other means.

Giving us information about other people

You confirm that you have the right to authorise us to process information you give us about other people on your behalf in accordance with this Privacy Policy. As an example, you can give us information about employees of your start-up, business or other entity.

Sensitive Data

We do not collect any “Special Category Data” about you except where you provide it to us, or where it is necessary to do so to comply with the law.

Data Retention

We apply data retention policies in line with the type of personally identifiable information retained. We retain personally identifiable information or no longer than is required for our legitimate processing purposes. After a data retention period has expired, we either delete or anonymise your personally identifiable information.The retention policies we apply to different types of personally identifiable information are:

Your Account Information – This personally identifiable information is retained as long as your account is active and you have not requested its deletion, and nor has it been deleted under the Policies. We may keep some of your personally identifiable information to the extent needed to be in compliance with our legal obligations, to resolve disputes and enforce any agreements we have with you;

Information you have shared on the Services – We retain personally identifiable information from deleted and deactivated accounts as required to allow other users of the Services to continue to make use of the Services. For example, (i) your name will continue to appear on any messages you have sent to other users of the Services after account deletion and any posts you have made will continue to appear, or (ii) where your name or other personally identifiable information has been added to the Service by you or another user other than in association with your account (such as where your name has been added, with authority, as the founder of a startup and such record is not specifically linked to your account). You acknowledge and confirm that this may result in certain personally identifiable information remaining on the Service in these circumstances.

Apart from what we’ve described above, we’ll archive and stop actively using any personal identifiable information about you within a reasonable length of time (usually one year) of your last use of the Service. We’ll do our best to make it happen more quickly. We’ll also delete your personal data from our archives within one year from your last use of the Services in respect to all use of the Services other than professional services. Due to our compliance obligations, for professional services we’ll delete your personal data from our archives within ten years from your last use of the Services.

How we store your information

We collect information globally and store that information in the European Union (Vienna, London and Frankfurt) on our own servers and that of our service providers as part of providing the Services. These service providers are based inside the European Economic Area. We do not store or transfer personally identifiable information outside the EEA.

Security of your information

We take security of your data seriously and work hard to avoid loss, misuse, unauthorised access or disclosure. No security system is perfect and despite our efforts and the distributed nature of the Internet, we can’t guarantee that your personal data will be absolutely secure, either while it is being transmitted or while stored on our systems.

Access and Control of your Information

You have rights with respect to your personally identifiable information. We have compiled a list of choices below that you may make with additional information on how to make them happen.

You have the right to:

– request access to personally identifiable information we hold about you;

– deactivate your account;

– update your personally identifiable information;

– delete your personally identifiable information;

– ask us to stop using your personally identifiable information;

– ask us not to use your personally identifiable information to profile you or make automated decisions about you;

– stop receiving communications from us; and

– ask us to port your data to another service provider if technically feasible, or to provide you with a copy of personally identifiable information we hold about you in a structured, electronic format.

You can accomplish most of these directly using the tools we provide to you as part of the Service. If you are unable to do so using the tools we provide, please contact our support through the help section of our website, or e-mail us at Depending on the choices you make, it may not be possible for us to continue to provide you with the Services after we implement your choices. This may result is us closing your account or your use of the Services being limited or not possible.

Warranties and Disclaimers

We are committed to deliver our Services and contents to you with the highest professional standard and constant availability. We cannot guarantee, however, that Services:

– will be always be free from defects, inaccuracies or errors,

– always available,

– will meet your requirements,

– will operate in the configuration or with other hardware or software you use.

In addition, we may stop (permanently or temporarily) providing the Services (or any features within the Services) to you or to users generally and may not be able to provide you with prior notice.

Other than as expressly set out in these terms or additional terms, neither nor its suppliers or distributors makes any specific promises about the Services. For example, we do not make any commitments about the content within the Services, the specific functions of the Services or their reliability, availability or ability to meet your needs. We provide the Services on an “as is” and “as available” basis.

Liability for our Services

When permitted by law, and’s suppliers and distributors will not be responsible for lost profits, revenues or data, production, anticipated savings, business, contracts, commercial opportunities, goodwill, or indirect, special, consequential, exemplary or punitive damages.

No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained from the Services provided by us, will create any warranty not expressly made herein. Your use or reliance on any Content or other information, material, views or opinions in, or in relation to, the Services is at your own risk. You should exercise good judgement and caution as many individuals and entities add their information to the Service and we do not represent, warrant or guarantee in any way whatsoever that anything in the Service is reliable, accurate, correct, accurate or truthful. Content on the websites is the sole responsibility of those that submit it and can be harmful, incorrect, inappropriate or offensive.

In all cases, and its suppliers and distributors will not be liable for any loss or damage that is not reasonably foreseeable.

Business uses of our Services

Technically, cannot determine with certainty whether a logged-on user of the Pioneers website de facto represents the person/company that the user/the company purports to be. therefore shall not assume any liability whatsoever for the actual identity of a user. Each and every user is solely responsible for personally verifying the authenticity of other users.

If you are using our Services on behalf of a business, that business accepts these terms. It will hold harmless and indemnify and its affiliates, officers, agents and employees from any claim, action or proceedings arising from or related to the use of the Services or violation of these terms, including any liability or expense arising from claims, losses, damages, judgements, litigation costs and legal fees.

Customer support is available by email at to address any issues you may have regarding your use of the Services. Most concerns can be quickly resolved in this manner.

Changes to Terms of Service

We may update these Terms from time to time. You understand and agree that your access to or use of our Services is governed by the Terms effective at the time of your access to or use of our Services. If we make material changes to these Terms, we will notify you by email or by posting a revised version of the Terms on our Site. We will also indicate at the top of this page the date that revisions were last made. You should revisit these Terms on a regular basis as revised versions will be binding on you. You understand and agree that your continued access to or use of our Services after the effective date of modifications to the Terms indicates your acceptance of the modifications.


Court of Jurisdiction is the relevant court in 1010 Vienna. Contractual relationships with are subject exclusively to Austrian law, excluding the CISG (United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods). Contract language is exclusively German.

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