HumanITcare is a Remote Patient Monitoring and Telemedicine Platform that integrates communication standards for the unification of different medical systems and devices. In our customizable platform, you can choose which data you want to collect and process patient data remotely from different devices. Hence humanITcare platforms collect data from different medical devices such as blood pressure monitors, heart rate monitors, pulse oximeters, mart scales, wearables, and smart wristbands, among others. All in an intuitive, user-friendly, and scalable way. Furthermore, it can adapt to any API system and send data directly to different Electronic Health Records.

About HumanITcare

HumanITcare is a digital telemedicine platform that delivers disruptive ways of monitoring real-life data of chronic and infectious patients by using AI. Through different medical devices, wearables, sensors and a mobile app, the platform collects daily data (RWD) from patients, which is then analyzed and sent to the professional as medical evidence (RWE). Moreover, gathered data can be later processed in order to obtain predictive models, thus helping to detect further risks or relapses and being a diagnostic support tool. Data collected can be also integrated into EHR through an API. Due to its huge flexibility, the humanITcare platform can be used to remotely monitor nearly any medical condition. The platform helps doctors improve the remote monitoring of patients and enhances patients to feel more empowered, engaged, and connected with their medical professionals. It also provides quality and personalized treatment that can reduce clinical costs and improving clinical outcomes.

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